Welcome to the world of natural and vegan cosmetics!

Taking decision to extend our production profile by natural and vegan cosmetics we faced real challenge – how to maintain high quality of products and its application qualities based only on natural ingredients.

We started the process of searching the most reliable suppliers of natural ingredients, creating new formulas based on natural ingredients and reducing to minimum level of chemical ones in cosmetics where by definition, it is not possible to eliminate them completely.

It took quite a long time and lot of efforts to prepare the first bundle of products. Hard work of R&D department, long-lasting tests of ingredients and formulas and application tests plus our enthusiasm - made it happened.

At the first stage we developed the basic line of natural and vegan make up cosmetics and the most used face care products – day & night creams. But this is not the end. All the time we work on new products to offer you even more safe cosmetics, safe both for you and our planet.